The Madison, WI Institutes for the Healing of Racism, Inc. offers a 10-week series that aims to raise consciousness about the history and pathology of racism and help heal racism in individuals, communities, and institutions in Madison. We work cooperatively to educate ourselves about the disease of racism through facilitated and voluntary sharing. We ask that people come with an open mind and open heart.

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Topic sessions by week:
Week 1 – Introduction to the Institutes/History of Racism
Week 2 – Pathology of Racism
Week 3 – Whiteness
Week 4 – Perpetuation of Racism
Week 5 – Institutionalized Racism I
Week 6 – Institutionalized Racism II
Week 7 – Oneness of Humankind/Humanity
Week 8 – Alliance Building
Week 9 – Fear/Action
Week 10 – Moving Forward: Wrap Up