The Institutes provided for me a safe space to confront the racism I experience on a daily basis while allowing room for the healing I didn’t realize I needed to process my own internalized racism. Through this healing, I found a fantastic community in the Institutes that gave me hope in what often feels like a never ending and exhausting battle. There was so much opportunity to continue my own education on how to be a better advocate in the fight against racism. I am forever grateful for the growth, healing, and learning I gained during my time in the Institutes.

– Amy K.
identifies as a person of color

Attending IHR sessions and listening to facilitators and participants share from the head and the heart were so vital to my understanding of racism and how it seeps into our very beings. I learned how to listen and listen well. The sessions and the people involved taught me about deep compassion and understanding when we’re taught that we’re too different to love each other. The 21 guidelines that inform the sessions are meant to be lived by IN and OUT of the sessions, as the founder Professor Davis, teaches.

– Tehmina
identifies as a person of color

Participating in the ten week series for Healing Racism with the Institutes was one of the most impactful experiences I’ve ever had. I am grateful for what I learned and continue to seek opportunities to grow. 

– Shannon
identifies as white