Spring 2023 Series

Registration for the spring series is now open! 

Wednesdays, March 1st – May 10th (skipping March 29th)
7 pm – 9 pm Central
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Our series is open to all regardless of race/ethnicity/religion/political affiliations/sexual orientation/ gender expression; Minimum age of 16 years old

A ten week commitment is required for full understanding and impact. Please wait for the following series if you believe you may miss more than two sessions.

Registration: Registration Fee $50.00 — scholarships are available
For more scholarship information, please email healingracisminstitute@gmail.com
Registration payment will be accepted once your enrollment is confirmed.

Suggested readings for series preparation: 

Racial Healing by Newkirk and Rutstein
Just Mercy by Stephenson
New Jim Crow by Alexander
Between the World and Me by Coates
An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States by Dunbar-Ortiz
White Fragility by D’Angelo

Below are the guidelines we observe during the series:

1.    Sharing is voluntary.       

2.    We want to create a safe, loving, and respectful atmosphere.

 3. Sharing is about one’s own feelings, experiences and perceptions, etc.

 4. We are not always going to agree, or see everything the same way, and that’s okay. 

5. Each person has a right to and responsibility for their own feelings, thoughts and beliefs.

6. It is important to avoid criticism or judgment about another person’s sharing and point of view or feelings.

 7. Avoid getting tied up in debate and argument. It rarely changes anything or anyone, and tends to ultimately inhibit the sharing.

 8. We can only change ourselves. Our change and growth may, however, inspire someone else to change. 

 9. Refrain from singling out any individual as “representing ” their group or group issues. 

10. It is important to give full attention to who ever is talking.

11.  Feelings are important. 

12. We will surely make mistakes in our efforts, but mistakes are occasions for learning and forgiving. 

 13. Knitting, needle working, note passing and gum chewing have been proven to be a distraction.

 14. We may laugh and cry together, share pain, joy, fear and anger. 

 15. Hopefully, we will leave these meetings with a deeper understanding and a renewed hope for the future of humanity. 

16. No cross talking or debate. 

17.  No talking to person next to you while a testimony is being given.

18. No unsolicited advice.

19. Confidentiality …What is shared (testimony) remains here.

20. Do not regret any part of your testimony.

21. We came together to try to learn about the disease of racism and promote a healing process.